22 NOV 2018 - All 100 copies from the launch and the 50 more we published are now gone. We took a cheque to UNICEF for $3750 on Friday 9 November - thank you all for your amazing support - wow!!

"Hi there ... my name's Maia and I really love writing!! I've written a book called Young Elements Academy and I'm hoping to sell 100 copies to raise money for UNICEF, New Zealand."

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It is a brand new year for fifteen-year-old Heidi Euphemia Witcher, and she is more than excited to get away from her mother, the Great Queen Witcher.


Alison Gayle White is just as thrilled to return to boarding school as Heidi, but now, she is not so certain.

Something terrible has happened over the week before, and Alison’s sister, Ivory Gayle White, is in risky danger.  Now, enduring ludicrous letters, broad butterflies, flowering messages and more, Heidi and her friends must journey across Elementia and beyond to discover the truth about the Gayle Whites and why only one has been taken.



A single scarlet pinprick of blood and the tiniest little tear hit the page, combining and mixing into each other, and distributing out like crawling veins of ink as they spread over the parchment.


Ivory Gayle White’s skin was pale, her brilliant emerald eyes brimming with terror as she wrote, her lush, foresting hair matted into unwashed curls. Her hand was shaking, the scars stinging like wasp wounds as pollution smothered her surroundings and stung her throat; thick, blackish-green poison seeping in from all sides. Emptied beer bottles and scrunched litter were scattered around the area, injecting her throat and blistering her skin. But this was important. The note had to be written, for the good of her friends, and the good of Elementia. 


She began to write, the cave beginning to rumble as she did so, bits of rock crumbling down. These were the last three words she scrawled, before the stony rock-strewn roof gave way and the threatening mounds of earth plunged and tumbled down: Help me! Trapped!




Last year, I did a fundraiser with my family and some friends to raise money for UNICEF, New Zealand - we had a bake sale outside our house and raised $183.20! 

Did you know that UNICEF defends the rights of children and young people across 190 countries and territories?

So I thought this year we could sell copies of the book and give all the money to UNICEF! Let's try and raise $2,500!!



Maia Brown, age 10, lives in Wellington, New Zealand, with her Mum, Dad, brother, cat and spiritually alive dog, Tilly. She loves writing very much and one day when she turns fifteen, plans to be an international-wide author. The main point in Maia’s books, is that she wants both adults and kids to hear how she would put a story, and most importantly, enjoy writing as itself.

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ALL PROCEEDS from the sale of this book will go to UNICEF, New Zealand.

Books are $25 each (includes postage & packaging to anywhere). We have printed 100 copies and are trying to raise $2,500 for UNICEF, New Zealand (pay with a Bank Account or Credit Card): 


22 NOV 2018 - All 100 copies from the launch and the 50 more we published are now gone. We took a cheque to UNICEF for $3750 on Friday 9 November - thank you all for your amazing support - wow!!

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Thank you to the Children's Bookshop in Kilbirnie, Wellington, for supporting this fundraiser and agreeing to help us with a launch on:


4:30 pm - 5:00 pm

Kilbirnie Plaza (Shop 26)

10 Rongotai Road


Wellington 6022

If you'd like to attend the launch please contact my Dad, Giles Brown, on 027 305 0276, or email him:



If you want to get in touch you can email my parents, Giles Brown or Virginia Keast:

027 305 0276

Or if you want to talk to UNICEF, New Zealand, you can contact Aaron Martin, Head of Donor Engagement, or, Shelley Knowles, Visual Communications:        

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Thank you for visiting my website!!

I hope you can help me to sell 100 copies of Young Elements Academy so we can raise $2,500 for UNICEF!!

Thank you and thanks so much to all the HELPERS below :)


Cover art: My awesome Aunty Pania at Pania Brown Artworks.

Editor: The amazing Belinda Mellor at Belinda Mellor, Editor.

Self-published & printed by the great team at The Copy Press.

Launch: Best book shop ever! Children's Bookshop, Kilbirnie.

Postage & packaging: Kindly sponsored by New Zealand Post.

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